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This project based on project library Long Path
Some function and other stuff from has changed

Program to recursive delete catalog name MdeleteAPI and there is a

Info from use: Mcopy /?

McopyAPI is program to copy long path in windows shell
Write at Ms-Pl license, read here
McopyAPI version
Homepage project

MCOPYAPI source destination /M /O /F
where /M and/or /O and/or /F is optional parametr

Specifies files and subdirectores to be copied
example: c:\source or \\SERVER\source or \\\source

Specifies destination new files and subdirectores
example: c:\destination or \\SERVER\destination or \\\destination

Use all core procesor in you computer

Always overwrite files even if they are identical
default not overwrite files if last write time soure file
is equal or less last write time destination file

Copy specified file (source and destination must be a file)
default specified source and destination is a directory

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